Gateway Signs are road signs typically at the border of a neighborhood, welcoming those entering the community. The importance and meaning of gateway signs to a community’s identity is indisputable, and many neighborhoods are working hard to ensure their “first impression” is representative by working with the City on these signs.

The Northside Business Association worked on the gateway signage project in partnership with the City of Cincinnati Department of Community & Economic Development and the Department of Transportation & Engineering, with help from the Northside Community Council, NEST and other community stakeholders.

After a process of ideation, planning and creation, the gateway sign was fabricated by Holthaus Lackner Signs to serve as the neighborhood’s “welcome” for decades to come. The NBA has contracted with Seiler’s Landscaping for seasonal landscaping around the sign and in the tree bed in front of White Castle across the street, to create an inviting streetscape at the southern end of Hamilton Ave.!

“This new Northside sign designates the entry to the small but mighty Northside Business District and Neighborhood that boasts the best record store in Cincinnati, is home to a 50-year-old diner, and has bars that feature original music from bands across the county without a cover charge. Northside residents see themselves as urban bohemians who treasure their 4th of July Parade, neighborhood walkability, and historic porches that are living rooms for the unique streetscape that defines this neighborhood. With this new sign, Northsiders are welcoming all to our community, so come one, come all, we are here for you!”
–Tim Jeckering, President, Northside Business Association

The ribbon-cutting ceremony in November 2023 included remarks by our distinguished guests, starting with Reggie Harris, Cincinnati City Councilmember and Northside neighbor:

Reggie Harris

Bree Moss, President, Northside Community Council:

Bree Moss

Greg Koehler, Neighborhood Development Manager, DCED:

Greg Koehler

Joell Angel-Chumbley, Supervising Graphic Designer, DOTE:

Joell Angel-Chumbley

Tim Jeckering, President, Northside Business Association:

Tim Jeckering

ribbon-cutting ceremony

Below are shots of the fabrication and installation progress earlier in 2023:

sign fabrication

sign fabrication

sign installation