A series of 7 murals was commissioned in 2023 by NEST (Northsiders Engaged in Sustainable Transformation), thanks to NBDIP funding offered by the City of Cincinnati Department of Community & Economic Development. The vision is to install beautiful public art in previously graffiti-prone locations in our business district. 6 murals have been completed thus far, with the final one coming at a later date.

The Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program is a highly versatile, award-winning program that allocates annual funding for improvement projects that attract and retain small businesses in all Cincinnati neighborhood business districts. Funds from this competitive program can be used for a variety of capital improvements and other uses to promote economic development in officially recognized neighborhood business districts.

mural by Renegade Babe

Located on the side of vintage clothing store Hi-Bred at 4041 Hamilton Ave., this mural was created by Jenny Jenkins of Renegade Babe Studio and features a quote by Greek poet Dinos Christianopoulos. The mural concept is rooted in protesting the injustice of Breonna Taylor’s death and includes references to protest movements from the Zapatistas to the International Feminist movement.

mural by Jakob Schnitker

Located above clothing store Bad Story at 4139 Hamilton Ave., this bold mural was created by Jakob Schnitker (LO SANT), and its daisy is a subtle echo of the nearby “Northside Bloom” mural, painted in 2007 by Tim Parsley and a team of Artworks apprentices.

mural by Antonio Mcilwaine

Located above the restaurant Brunch Time at 4019 Hamilton Ave. this black-and-white mural by Atlanta-based artist Antonio Mcilwaine (Arm of Casso), was executed by Northside-based (DSGN) CLLCTV in Mcilwaine’s signature Sharpism style. It’s the first time the artist worked on a project of this size.

mural by David Callahan

Located on the side of the Tax Center at 4168 Hamilton Ave., this mural by David Callahan, entitled “Birds, Flowers, and Dogs,” overlooks the Northside Business District Parking Lot. Callahan is a Vision + Visionaries artist whose paintings are lighthearted and playful, a fanciful expression of an unseen world created by his brilliant imagination. This mural features 70 vibrant characters by Callahan, painted by over 50 collaborating V+V artists.

mural by L.D. Nehls

This mural is located on the side of 4138 Hamilton Ave., home to Caracole, a nonprofit organization dedicated to positively changing lives in the fight against HIV/AIDS through prevention, housing and care. The “rainbow explosion” by L.D. Nehls features animals and plants that can be found in Northside, especially in Mill Creek and along the Mill Creek Greenway Trail.

mural by Evan Verrilli

This mural is located on the side of 4027 Hamilton Ave., overlooking Spotlight Lounge and the Movement Emporium. According to artist Evan Verrilli, “It’s an aspirational image of a bountiful table, showing Northside on its best day. I’ve been coming to this neighborhood since I was 15 and I’ve seen it change a lot. It’s an honor to be able to create an image that captures the spirit of the neighborhood and my experience in it.”

The final mural funded by this NBDIP grant is located on the side of 4024 Hamilton Ave., a building that was purchased and stabilized by the Northside Business Association in 2019. This mural was painted by Julia Lipovsky and Jon Flannery. After acquiring the building from the NBA, NEST is renovating and will continue to own the property in an effort to revitalize the lower block of Hamilton Avenue and bring new business to this historic structure.