Effective immediately, all (5) NBA parking lots will be monitored under a new system, we request you be patient while this system is brought on-line. We will work with monthly and yearly pass-holding patrons to assure a smooth transition.

Why the change? NBA has (5) existing parking pay kiosks that are dispersed over (3) parking lots. NBA has (2) parking lots that are still using the old cash payboxes along with the current parking app the other lots use.

Recently, all (5) modems on all (5) machines failed, prompting NBA to accelerate the change-over to a new system. The new system, Premium is predicting a 31% increase in profit for NBA with this system mainly due to the elimination of the maintenance on the kiosks and credit card fees.

Hourly & Daily Parking rates will remain the same with the exception the patron will now pay 55 cents processing fee in addition to the standard hourly rate. There are (3) ways that patrons can pay:

1) Premium Mobile App—The fastest way to pay
The Premium Parking mobile app offers routine customers the fastest and most convenient way to find, pay, and seamlessly extend parking from anywhere. Parkers can instantly complete their transactions using their credit card, without ever having to go to a pay machine. Most importantly, the app allows users to save their information, allowing for multiple vehicles and credit cards to be stored. Switching between vehicles is easy and completing transactions only takes a few clicks. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Premium’s proprietary mobile app brings the point-of-purchase directly to the parker and is unlike anything else in the industry.

2) TextPay—The easiest way to pay without downloading an app
Premium’s TextPay platform was released in 2017 to provide an easier way for infrequent customers to an event venue to pay for their parking sessions using their smartphones. TextPay allows for the parker to receive text notifications for a receipt, extend their parking session and that the session has ended. Additionally, it tracks if a user has started a TextPay session several times prior and send the parker to set up an account on the app making it even easier to pay for parking in the future.

3) Platform Payment Channels
Premium offers many seamless channels for customers to pay for parking on-demand or credential/validate businesses/employees, and a professionally staffed 24/7/365 customer service center.

For more information, please go to Premium Parking.